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Don't Drink? How to Get Through the Holidays Sober

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36-Year-Old Texas Woman Is on Life Support After Going to Mexico for Plastic Surgery

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15 Diseases Doctors Often Get Wrong

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After Years of Fatigue and Muscle Weakness, I Found Out I Had a Rare Autoimmune Disease

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Tess Holliday Slams Victoria's Secret for Lack of Diversity

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Inspirational Holiday Quotes and Sayings

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Happy, Healthy Holidays

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Survive Cocktail Party Season

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27 Health Problems Linked to Low Vitamin D

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6 Options for Therapy That Won’t Break the Bank

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Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease Are Occurring Across the U.S. What Is It, and Are You at Risk?

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Why You Should Never Feel Bad for Daydreaming During a Boring Work Meeting

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The Best Online Meditation Videos Under 10 Minutes

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The Story of the Hospital Staffers Who Took Photos of a Patient's Genitals Raises Questions About Privacy and Security

This disturbing case, which occurred at a hospital in Pennsylvania, is hardly the first time doctors and other personnel acted inappropriately while patients were under anesthesia.  Read More